GIN GVine Flowering 40 ° 70 cl
  • GIN GVine Flowering 40 ° 70 cl

GIN GVine Flowering 40 ° 70 cl


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G'Vine Bloom is a French Gin made from grapes, a noble ingredient rarely used in the preparation of gin. The grape is the ideal canvas for expressing the complexity and delicacy of the ten plants and spices that compose it. Among these is a unique ingredient: the vine flower that soothes the vineyard with its delicate scent only a few days a year.
Fl oraison is the key stage in the life cycle of the vine and this name perfectly describes a fresh and fl oral gin, round and sweet, evoking the very essence of spring, when the perfume of vines en fl oods the air . A unique gin that will surprise connoisseurs as new followers. Flowering is equally suitable for making a refreshing gin tonic or a summer cocktail.
The plants used are: juniper berries, coriander seeds, cubèbe berries, ginger rhizome, licorice wood, green cardamom, cassia bark and lime.
Tasting note:
Nose: very distinctive, full of freshness. Precise notes of flowers, berries and lime. Nutmeg is then more present.
Palate: no aggressiveness Very fresh, on citrus, ginger and licorice.
Finale: very long, evokes flowers, lemon and juniper.

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70 cl
Alcohol by volume
40 °
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