WATER OF LIFE Bestiut Pure Malt Bows Distillery 43 ° 50 cl
  • WATER OF LIFE Bestiut Pure Malt Bows Distillery 43 ° 50 cl

WATER OF LIFE Bestiut Pure Malt Bows Distillery 43 ° 50 cl


(€81.16 L)

This Eau de Vie Bestiut is neither more nor less than a whiskey of less than 2 years pure malt.
It is an unpeated Whiskey in which you will find in the mouth an attack on cereals, sesame and cut hay. The DNA of a young distillate is present. In the middle of the mouth, the cocoa rises in intensity, assisted by animal and green almond notes.
The use of roasted malt brings complexity to this young young malt spirit. The animal notes blend perfectly with those of flowers and fruits.
It is as interesting as promising.
Of moderate length, the finish is chocolatey with aromas of green almonds that stand out in the background.
The retro-olfaction evokes freshly roasted coffee.
It is a pale straw color with green shades.
The first nose opens on the cereals accompanied by lactic notes (cream, farmer) and fruity (peach, queen green claude, pear). Subtle floral notes (elderberry) are perceived.
The second nose evokes the Chinese nougat before becoming more precise on the toasted malt and the cocoa. A touch of freshness is provided by light aromas of eucalyptus.
For the story, Bestiut means brutal in Occitan, the label incorporates even the word in braille because "it seems that it makes blind"!
Behind this name hides a spirit of malt signed BOWS, aged a few months in barrels of cognac.
The originality of this product is the use of roasted stout malt.



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complete package
Whiskey and Bourbon
50 cl
Alcohol by volume
43 °
Without Conservative agent
No artificial coloring
Without flavor enhancer
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