Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Grand Siècle N ° 24 CHAMPAGNE BRUT White wine PDO 75 cl in its box


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Grand Siècle is the choice of not one but three exceptional years, with complementary oenological profiles. The N ° 24 is the blend of the 2004, 2006 and 2007 vintages.
Grand Siècle accompanies high quality products and refined dishes, land-sea associations, crustaceans and noble fish.
A dress of a beautiful brilliance and a fine effervescence.
An intense and complex nose of slightly candied citrus fruit and aromas of pastries, toasted almonds with subtle hints of honey and gingerbread. The wine offers a tasty and evolutive mouth with a feeling of fullness.
The beautiful minerality leaves a remarkable impression of freshness: Grand Siècle offers a perfect balance between strength and delicacy.
Can be enjoyed at a temperature of 10/12 ° C to fully appreciate its aromatic richness.
The idea of ​​Grand Siècle is based on an observation: nature will probably never give us the perfect oenological year, but the art of assembly can recreate it.
Well beyond the rare vintages, Grand Siècle is the choice of not one but of three exceptional years, with the complementary oenological profi l.
Grand Siècle is the unique expression of the search for excellence in champagne: "it is to assemble, the best with the best to get the best".



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75 cl
Grape variety 1
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Pinot Noir
Alcohol by volume
12 °
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