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DODO BOURBON Blonde beer French Reunion Island 5 ° 33 cl
  • DODO BOURBON Blonde beer French Reunion Island 5 ° 33 cl

DODO BOURBON Blonde beer French Reunion Island 5 ° 33 cl


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Dodo Bourbon beer is the most popular on Reunion Island. It is an alternative to the classic French Pilsner. Her dress is blonde with a white head. It gives off aromas of malt, spices and yeast. It has flavors of grains, malt, spices and hops. Referring to Dodo, the bird that has now disappeared from Mauritius, this Pils beer is the most consumed in Reunion, perhaps for its lightness. With only 5% alcohol, it is indeed suitable for all palates. Unless it is for its characteristic little taste, or even for the smile of the little animal that quenches all thirsts. Small local peculiarity: 95% of consumers prefer to order a bottled Bourbon beer rather than on draft. Born on June 9, 1953, the bottle changed its name three times to finally be called "Bière Bourbon". But in the hearts of the Reunionese, only the Dodo makes reference. In fact, the little bird is displayed in all the shops on the island. The raw materials for dodo beer are simple, just malt and water. The Bourbon Brasseries use those offered by the city of Saint-Denis. They use locally packaged rice. All that remains is to add in a small dose the hop flower which will give the bitterness and then the yeast so that the chemistry between the products takes place. She has been elected five times gold medal at the "World Quality Selection", the last time in Barcelona in 2007. This beer is drunk as an aperitif or with a meal, it will suit all your moments of sharing.

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