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Château Piron MONTAGNE SAINT EMILION Red Wine AOP 75 cl
  • Château Piron MONTAGNE SAINT EMILION Red Wine AOP 75 cl

Château Piron MONTAGNE SAINT EMILION Red Wine AOP 75 cl

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The Château Prion is a rather exceptional red wine for those who like full-bodied and heady aromas.
The philosophy of the field:
The exceptional sunshine favors viticulture.
I am lucky to have a land touching the hillsides of Saint Emilon producing rather exceptional wines for who likes the full-bodied and heady aromas. I have the respect of the terroir that gives the taste to the wine. No standardized product, no complaisance to a fashion, I prefer to use nature and my terroir privileged to achieve an authentic wine that does not resemble all wines and that has its personality.
I raise my wine according to the tradition transmitted by my father without giving in to the sirenes of commerce.
My wine, I am proud of it, is the result of an alchemy between my vineyard and the man I am.
How we manage the vine, winemaking and breeding: We always aim to preserve the tradition of family farming, the spirit of terroir with all its diversity and love of the product. We use the single guyot size with fruit thinning for an average yield of 40hl / ha. Narrow undergrowth under foot with work between rows (plow, disc, harrow). The treatments are reasoned excluding any sytemic or insecticide product. From flowering to maturity, we do various jobs such as spraying, lifting, raising, peeling and monitoring of maturity only by family shaping.
The aging of the wines takes place between 18 and 24 months depending on the vintage, in concrete vats, stainless steel or fiber.

Some references: Guide Dussert-Gerber des Vins de France. Top 100 of the best wines in Brazil.

vintage: 2019

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Red Wine
Montagne Saint Emilion
75 cl
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13 °
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