LEMONADE 12 bottles of 1 liter returnable glass (set 4,20 € included in the price)


(€1.36 L)

1L reclaimed glass lemonade is the ideal drink for cooling off. It is bubbly and slightly acidic, it offers a wave of freshness at all times.

For shipment outside of France, it is impossible for us to deliver the plastic case of returnable glass drinks. We will repack these bottles in a box where your bottles will be protected.

Operation of instructions: You order a product with returnable packaging, then you pay the deposit. When you return the deposit, we will refund its value. You are not nearby and are using a carrier for delivery to your home. So, to return the deposit to us, you will have to send it back to us. Either by the carrier of your choice and upon receipt we will refund its value, or you request the passage of our carrier and upon receipt we will refund its value deducted from the amount of transport.

consigne: CONS0001
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1 L
Returnable glass bottle
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