Hydroalcoholic GEL Bactimains GHA 300 ml with 4 ml pump
  • Hydroalcoholic GEL Bactimains GHA 300 ml with 4 ml pump

Hydroalcoholic GEL Bactimains GHA 300 ml with 4 ml pump


HYDROALCOHOLIC gel 300 ml is designed for surgical disinfection and hygienic treatment of hands by friction. It is ideal for use in the operating room, in industrial clean rooms and for people whose work requires aseptic conditions (liberal professions, paramedics, nurses ...).
It has bactericidal, virucidal and levuricidal activity.
APPLICATION of Bactimains GHA hydroalcoholic gel:
The friction technique improves the observance of hand hygiene with efficiency, saving time and reducing the risk of intolerance (more effective and better tolerated than washing).
It is recommended in particular in emergency situations, in the event of impossible access to a washing station, ...
Hygienic hand treatment is suitable for an intermediate level of risk.
Surgical hand disinfection is suitable for a high level of infection risk.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE of the Bactimains GHA hydroalcoholic gel:
- Hygienic hand treatment: apply a dose of 4 ml of BACTIMAINS GHA to dry hands.
- Rub carefully for 30 seconds.
- Surgical hand disinfection: after a simple hand washing and complete drying, rub hands and forearms carefully with 4ml of BACTIMAINS GHA for 45s. Repeat the operation.
For the frequency of use, refer to the establishment's protocols.
MICROBIOLOGICAL PROPERTIES of the Bactimains GHA hydroalcoholic gel:
- Bactericidal activity: NF EN 13727 (30 sec).
- Yeasticidal activity: NF EN 13624 (30 sec).
- Virucidal activity: NF EN 14476 on H1N1 (60 sec), BVDV (30 sec), PRV (60 sec), Norovirus (60 sec), Adenovirus (90 sec). * Swine Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) and Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) are substitutes for HBV and HCV.
- Hygienic hand treatment: NF EN 1500 (4ml - 30 sec).
- Surgical hand disinfection: NF EN 12791 (2 times 4ml - 2 times 45 sec)


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