RUM Amber ANGOSTURA 1919 40 ° 70 cl
  • RUM Amber ANGOSTURA 1919 40 ° 70 cl

RUM Amber ANGOSTURA 1919 40 ° 70 cl


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Angostura rum 1919 is a traditional rum (distilled with molasses and not based on cane juice). It comes from the assembly of eaux-de-vie of more than 8 years old and aged in casks containing bourbon. It is marked by notes of vanilla, salted butter caramel and tropical fruits.
It is a very sweet and almost mellow rum.
Angostura is distilled in the region of TRINITE & TOBAGO, and is best known for its famous cocktail bitters. The house Angostura also produces several reputed rums. It was founded around 1830 by Dr. Siegert in Venezuela, it was his son and his brother who settled the company on the islands in 1876. In 1936 Angostura began to produce its own alcohol to serve as a base for bitters , creating at the same time his first rums. Distilled in column stills from molasses, the Angostura rums are currently assembling alcohols ranging from 70 to 95 degrees, some of which are also sold to assemblers in the surrounding islands.

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70 cl
Alcohol by volume
40 °
8 to 12 years
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