RUM spiced Circée Bigallet 40 ° 70 cl
  • RUM spiced Circée Bigallet 40 ° 70 cl

RUM spiced Circée Bigallet 40 ° 70 cl


(€52.16 L)

The Rum House Circée Bigallet bears the name of a goddess, a specialist in magic potions.
It is an amazing Spiced by its power and its balance.
It is an agricultural rum from an original and seductive recipe.
Finally an original spirit, a French "Spiced Rum"!
It is obtained by the blend of agricultural AOC Martinique rums, terroir and authenticity.
Distillates of orange zest, Bourbon bourbon vanilla infusion, all, homemade.
Other spices are added for an organoleptic richness, both on the nose and in the mouth.
There is no coloring, the rum is colored by the distillates and the infusion of spices.
On the nose, notes of buttered caramel, vanilla and rum.
You will find a sweetness and a beautiful roundness in the mouth, relieved by spicy notes of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and star anise.

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70 cl
Alcohol by volume
40 °
No artificial coloring
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