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GIN Bear Brother France Distillerie des Pyrénées 45 ° 50 cl


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The Gin Bear Brother has Exceptional Flavors. On the palate, it is round and fat. It has a nice, suave and greedy attack on Combawa and lemon caviar, well accompanied by a juniper on the fruit and fresh coriander. A precise balance between aromatic and alcoholic power. Its nose is flattering, expressive, nicely marked by citrus fruits, fresh cilantro and altitude juniper.
Big Brother is a French distillery in the Pyrenees. Their creations are made according to the fresh fruits, herbs and botanicals available in our two production seasons, one in Spring-Summer and the other in Autumn-Winter.

No addition is made after distillation, except for our Pyrenean spring water. All of our ingredients are 100% organic.
A creation of Gin per season, limited, unique, in the pure respect of the aromas of fruits picked at just maturity.

Manufacturing process :
1. Organic ingredients harvested and sorted by hand
2. Maceration in our organic neutral alcohol at 96% TAV
3. Distillation in a STUPFLER® still
4. Reduction in Pyrenean spring water
5. Bottling

Gin Bear Brothers is part of the highest quality category of Gin, the distilled products under the London Dry Gin designation.
No additions are made after distillation, apart from the Pyrenean spring water.
All of our ingredients are 100% natural.



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complete package
50 cl
Alcohol by volume
45 °
Without Conservative agent
Without colouring
Without flavor enhancer
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