Water PERRIER metal box 33 cl
  • Water PERRIER metal box 33 cl
  • Water PERRIER metal box 33 cl
  • Water PERRIER metal box 33 cl

Water PERRIER metal box 33 cl


€2.27 L

Perrier 33 cl is a natural mineral water reinforced with gas from the source.
PERRIER, is a brand adulated that seals all thirsts.
Taste the unique experience of a PERRIER ... You will enjoy the intense freshness of its exuberant bubbles, its refreshing and lively taste.
Perrier water is a source of pleasure and thrills.
Enjoy it pure, without ice, with just a slice of lemon.
Composition of Perrier water
The definition of mineral water varies according to the laws and regulations of the countries.
In France and in Europe (EU), a mineral water is a water of underground origin, bacteriologically healthy, which must be bottled without any treatment.
It is a water whose composition is stable and benefits from healthy properties, recognized for French waters, by the Academy of Medicine and the Ministry of Health.
Sugar free, caffeine free, calorie free, it is a natural mineral water that contains mineral elements (460 mg / l) and gas from its source (7gr / l).

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