HEPAR water PET plastic bottle 75 cl
  • HEPAR water PET plastic bottle 75 cl

HEPAR water PET plastic bottle 75 cl


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HÉPAR water in a 75 cl plastic bottle helps you cover your daily magnesium needs with 119 mg / Liter.
It was discovered in 1873 by Louis Bouloumié, its exceptional richness in mineral salts including magnesium earned him at the time his fame.
After a long journey in the heart of the Vosges Basin, the HÉPAR spring emerges 3 kilometers east of the town of Vittel.
The water Hepar is recognized for a long time for its virtues, Gallo-Roman remains found near the source testify to the activity and exploitation of the basin since ancient times.

HÉPAR water is declared of public utility in 1903.
In 1920, it was renamed HÉPAR and, with the rise of the spa in the 30s, it is marketed in glass bottles to allow spa guests to extend the benefits of their home cure.
In 1968, she adopted a 1.5L plastic bottle, then a square format in 1980.
In 1995, HÉPAR innovates with a 1 L format and a more practical bottle. Rejuvenated and modernized in 2002, the new HÉPAR bottle features a unique and precious drop of magnesium on its label.
In 2008, HÉPAR decided to accompany its consumers in all their travels and launched the small 33 cl format: the mini dose of magnesium.
In 2009, the bottle HÉPAR 1 L evolves. The thickness of the cap and the shape of the bottle have been modified to help reduce packaging at the source and thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through this initiative, HÉPAR wanted to be part of a sustainable development approach.

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