BEER DISTRIBUTOR Rental - Weekend - 2 draws - Réfridiable
  • BEER DISTRIBUTOR Rental - Weekend - 2 draws - Réfridiable

BEER DISTRIBUTOR Rental - Weekend - 2 draws - Réfridiable


Loan beer machine double draw "FREE" refractory.

To inform you of availability and conditions, please contact us on 05 34 30 18 20 or by email

In order to reserve the machine, you will have to send us a deposit check of 50 €, which you will lose if you cancel your reservation.
The deposit check will be refunded against a deposit check of the value of the invoice, deposit of equipment and instructions included, during the removal of your order.
This deposit check will be refunded upon return of the equipment in good condition and drums full or empty. We then establish a credit. And against payment of consumption. A started drum is considered empty.
All the products will be taken back with the same conditions of sale that at the time of the departure, by whole cardboard, by whole pack ... Because it is possible that you do not consume all the drums, goblets, drinks ...
The gas is charged in addition to the barrels, we charge a flat rate of 1 kg per drum consumed knowing that a gas cylinder weighs 10 kg.
Whatever you render, must be in the original state so you can resell it.

The equipment is loaned, and, in return, you must use this material exclusively with the products you buy from us.

Your ID will be required upon collection, the identity must match that of the deposit check. We will make a copy of your ID.

Removal and return on our deposit SOURIRE DES SAVEURS - ZA Montredon - 1 impasse d'Helios - 31240 UNION. Phone 05 34 30 18 20.

Collection and return from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00.

For information :

On average 1 kg of CO2 gas is used for 1 drum.

We consume on average 1 drum of 30 L for 30 people, and yes, 4 half of 25 cl per person!

An average of 100 beer cups per 30 L drum is used.

The reservation will only be effective after payment of the deposit.



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